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Would you like to find out if you’re being paid as much as your peers? Our senior audit leader salary survey has all the answers.

31/03/2019 by Andy Winterburgh

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This year we made the exciting decision to conduct a Salary Survey focused on the senior end of the Internal audit market. There are numerous salary surveys out there but the feedback we had received led us to believe that there was a gap in research around remuneration packages for Financial Services Internal Audit leaders operating at Director and above. 

As experts in senior Internal Audit recruitment, we feel that we are well placed to ask the questions and provide the answers and guidance to both those looking for their next role as well those looking for their next senior hire.

Great Insights 

With anonymous data from Heads of Audit and Chief Auditors operating at Director and Managing Director, we have gained some intersting insights.  

Providing valuable data on base salary, bonuses, pensions, LTIP’s & deferments it will give you a broad view of what's available in the market.

For those of you yet to make it to MD, we hope it will provide some additional motivation to accelerate your career!

The Highlights

There are some interesting highlights that can give you a guide as to what you and your team should be thinking about when it comes to remuneration.

  • 2/3 expect a pay rise this year
  • Nearly 1/4 are earning over £400k
  • More than half feel that they are not very happy with their remuneration. (Although neither are they very unhappy).
The Inside Track

In the recruitment and retention of great Internal Audit talent, we hope that this will give you the inside track. If you have any questions about your remuneration or the best packages to offer your team get in touch today.

Click on the link below to read our summary report. 

2019 Report-5.pdf

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