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11/01/2018 by Andy Winterburgh

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We're really excited about the prospects for Financial Services Internal Audit.

The continued rise in the perceived value of effective Internal Audit by key stakeholders, coupled with ever-increasing regulatory demands, the continued development of AI, Robotics & Data Analytics as well as the development of Agile methodologies, are all leading to further expansion of Internal Audit departments, creating exciting new roles and development opportunities.

Now is arguably one of the best times to be a Financial Services internal auditor. There are numerous opportunities to do exciting, varied and challenging work, which “makes a difference” and allows talented people to be recognised and rewarded for the contribution they make to the achievement of a firm’s strategic objectives.  In fact, you might say, audit is cool - #auditiscool.

We thought we’d kick things off this year by asking some of the Internal Audit Leaders in our network to participate in a series of interviews offering advice and guidance on how you can best develop your Internal Audit career in 2018.

The interviewees include four FTSE100 Chief Auditors as well as the Chief Auditors of a number of high profile, global FS firms.

We start the series next week with an absolute cracker, with one of our most highly regarded Chief Internal Auditors.  

If you want to be one of the first to know who it is and keep up with the series. Click this link to follow us.