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There is much interesting and potentially career-enhancing material on the web and on the bookshelf. We are constantly returning to reliable information sources and discovering new ones. Mostly they are directly or tangentially related to the subject of careers or the career landscape that we all face, or will face in future.

There are links here to industry bodies such as the Financial Services Authority, professional bodies such as the ICAEW and the CIPD. A tremendous source of research and opinon is provided by the big 4 and some of the larger Human Capital Management organisations as well. Find out more...


We like to keep up with all talent and career-related aspects, and sometimes the best way to do this is to apply some concentrated attention to a hardback or an e-book. In this section are the good ones that we have read over the past few months with very brief reviews. Find out more... 

hybridge people discuss career matters and the City career landscape with many people every day. We distill patterns, observations and opinions, without breaching any confidentiality of course, into regular blog postings. One recurring topic will be City career threats and opportunities - something that we hope will be of real benefit to those who are ploughing their furrow in the Square Mile. And the Wharf of course.